Bitcoin (BTC) Pricing and Machine Learning Predictions

We have been recording the currency pair of 1 BTC to GBP value for many months. Below are a collection of charts highlighting the 24 hour, 1 month & monthly average values.

This is followed by a number of pricing predictions which are updated daily.

Price last collected on: 25 / 11 / 2019 08:02

Current Machine Learning Prediction for:

Monthly Average (12 Months) Daily Average (30 Days) 24 Hours (by Minute) Predictive High / Low Success / Failure

Monthly Price Averages

The trend has been overwhelmingly that of increased mobile and tablet traffic percentage, compared to desktop and it looks like Google wants to restructure their algorithm to meet this increased demand.

30 Day Averages

24 Hours (By Minute)

This chart shows the value of Bitcoin over the last 24 hours, each minute of the day.

Machine Learning Predictions

Prediction for tomorrow (High & Low)

30 Days - Success / Failure

Technical Information (for those interested):

We built this application and maybe application is a stretch as its just a single page, however a lot goes on in the background to make this page function.

What steps are undertaken to predict the price of bitcoin? We collect the GBP price of 1 Bitcoin every minute from the Coinbase API and store it along with a Timestamp. This is stored in a MySQL database, setup with a number of indexes to ensure easy querying.

Credit, where credit is due:

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