Selling a Domain Name; Our Guide on How to Sell Domains

A look at the various options for selling a domain name online whether UK, COM or other extensions.

Buying and selling domains can be an incredibly profitable industry. Though domains can be purchased for as little as a dollar, the record domain sale of was worth $13 million. While few of us will ever own domains worth that much, there is plenty of money to be made selling domains. Whether you have unused domains, are getting rid of a website, or just picked up some popular domains because you found them on sale, you can turn your spare domains into cash by selling them online.

Many domain registrars and hosting providers also offer services for selling domains, while other sites deal only with selling domains. General online marketplaces like eBay and even Craigslist can be used to sell domain names to. Cyber Compare itself has a constantly changing Domain Portfolio, this page explains how you can sell domains on some of the most popular sites. In particular, the ones we've had the most success with.

  1. Sedo
  2. eBay
  3. GoDaddy Domain Auctions
  4. DomainLore
  5. Flippa
  6. Popular Forums with area to Sell Domains
  7. Create your own Page

Listing Domains on Sedo

Sedo is one of the largest online domain marketplaces, and deals only with buying and selling domains - no hosting, no selling other stuff. If you have a concrete idea of how much your domain is worth or how much money you want to make from it, you can create a listing with a fixed price. If you're not sure how much your domain is worth, if you want to maximize profit, or if you just want to get rid of it quickly, you can start a domain auction.

Sedo's basic listing services start at a 10% commission, but you can get access to additional features for a 20% commission. They also offer a "for sale" page you can link your parked domains to to increase the chances of it being purchased, as well as creating revenue whilst its parked.


Though few people think of domain names when they think of eBay, the combination does make sense. eBay's default auction system is similar to that used by many other domain marketplaces, and it's a logical to shop at an online market for digital products like domain names.

As with other products, eBay doesn't always have the biggest or best selection, but it's a good place to find deals on random stuff. This makes eBay a great place for quickly getting some value out of old, unused domains. If you're planning on selling a high-value domain, the auction format should help you get the most money for your domain.

If you've sold anything on EBay before, then it shouldn’t be too much trouble to get started. It can be tricky the first time you list something, but their forms help talk you through gathering the necessary information and choosing the best settings for selling your domains. eBay is also one of the cheaper places to sell your domain.

Via GoDaddy Domain Market Place

GoDaddy isn't known for the best quality hosting, but they're great for buying cheap domains. They're one of the largest and cheapest domain registrars around (see our Domain Registrar Price Comparison), and they also have a marketpklace for selling domains. It currently costs $4.99 / year to join GoDaddy auctions, and they charge a small commission fee for each domain sold.

Though GoDaddy refers to their domain platform as GoDaddy Auctions, you have to option to set fixed "Buy Now" prices, much like eBay. This is a good option for those just looking to sell their domain at a fixed price. Their marketplace is home to millions of domains, and they are one of the most recognizable domain sellers thanks to ambitious television advertisements.

DomainLore - Best place domains ending .uk

DomainLore is a highly targeted auction site. They deal only with valuable .*.uk domains, which really limits their audience. If you have one of these domains to get rid of, however, this is a great place to find targeted buyers. Be sure to read up on their auction rules, because the payments work a little differently that other sites. In many cases, however, this saves you money - they actually only charge you if your domain doesn't sell.

Domain Sales via Flippa

Flippa is a high profile domain marketplace that’s processed over $100,000,000 in sales. They have tons of lucrative domain names, and cater especially to established websites. If your domain is high-value, this is a great place to sell. Listing fees start at $9, and they charge a 15% sale commission, capped at $2,000. If you have a really high value website, they have certain buyers they will especially target it to.

Popular Forums for Selling Domains in

Online forums don't have the same protections or guarantees that a service that eBay has. This makes it less ideal for selling domain names, but there can be advantages. Both NamePros and DNForum provide forums where you can list your domain. The forum structure can make it harder for potential buyers to find your domain through searching, but these forums are packed with buyers looking for good domains. These are also great places to get advice and tips on buying or selling domains, and they're a good place to go if you're new to domain selling or don't know how much your domain is worth. To list your domain, simply create an account and start a thread in the appropriate subforum. Make sure, however, that you're guaranteed payment before you hand the domain over to a stranger you met online.

Some other forums worth looking at include Acorn (UK Specific), Digital Point Forums or Warrior Forums (becareful on Warrior).

Create your own Page

Last and cheapest way, if you have lots of Domains is to create your own "Domains for Sale" page, like ours. You could also point all the domains you have to redirect straight to this page.

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