Reverse Lookup Tool

Reverse Lookup Tool: IP, Analytics & Adsense IDS

Our reverse lookup tool crawls the internet collecting data, linking websites by different parameters.
Reverse Lookup

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We crawl the homepages of millions of domain names, fetching key information about each hostname we visit. This allows us to understand relationships between websites. Want further information about a set of domains? Indicate this in our tool and we will automatically carry out an indepth crawl.

What is a reverse lookup tool?

A reverse lookup tool is used to illustrate hidden relationships between websites. The kind of information we reveal includes:

  • Websites hosted on the same IP address, this can be useful to ensure your website isn't hosted on the same server as illicit material.
  • Google Analytics ID's, where sites are inside the same account, we can show you all the ones we've discovered.
  • Adsense ID's
  • 301's to Domain
  • 301's to a Page

Crawling Stats:

In the last 24 hours we have:

  • Crawled: XX Domains