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UK Drop List: The Biggest & Best Domain Database

We provide the UK's biggest drop list, with more data being added daily.

A drop list highlights domains what domain names are dropping next in the UK. Typically a domain name in the UK will become available for re-registration 92 days after its renewal date, initially being held by Nominent in a suspension period. Giving the current owner an extended opportunity to still renew it from the renewal date.

Sample Data - Domains Dropping Today

Below is a small sample of the domain names that we have dropping today including original registration date, linking domains, linking pages and domain authority.

Already Expired

We continue to keep the records of domains after they expire, its widely known a that an expired domain can often be revived or redirected into a similarly related domain to obtain a significant boost in Organic Visibility, becareful though as this is certainly not a "white hat" tactic.

Sample of Expired Domains ordered by Linking Domains

Sample of Expired Domains ordered by Domain Authority
# Domain Registered Date Expiry Date Domain Authority (DA) Linking Domains Linking Pages
1 Mark Otto @mdo Mark Otto @mdo
2 Jacob Thornton @fat Mark Otto @mdo
3 Larry the Bird @twitter Mark Otto @mdo

Crawling Stats:

In the last 24 hours we have:

  • Checked the expiry dates on: XX Domain Names
  • Check the domain authority on: XX Domains
  • Got linking domain and page data on: XX Domains