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SEO Link Auditing

Do you have an unnatural link warning? Or have you been affected by a Google Algorithm like Penguin? Use our clean up and reconsideration service.

A link audit is the best way to improve your backlink profile and the algorithms it affects. Updates in search engine algorithms like Google's Penguin can cause an unexpected and severe drop in your site ranking. This is why regular link auditing is advised.

Our strategists are always at hand to help you, with clever strategies and detailed reporting compiled for your site's benefit. We usually go further (dependant on requirements) to implement the recommendations of the report so future updates and algorithmic changes don't affect your site rankings.

The first thing our team of experts does is to thoroughly examine your backlink profile. They examine link by link, assessing its impact and quality, clean necessary links and remove others to get your site back at the top. This step by step process can be gruelling, but we have proven that such detailed tasks are our forte. Combing through each link takes a lot of time, and we go the whole way to deliver excellent audits.

We keep you in the loop throughout the entire process, reporting on our findings, telling you what strategies of link cleanup and removal we have adopted and intend to implement. Our link auditing services, though tailor made for each client, have some basic common features:

  • An exhaustive analysis of your site's current link profile
  • A report on potential problems the links may have
  • A compilation of low quality links
  • A list of well thought out recommendations on how to clean up and remove those low quality links that search engines tend to mark as spam

If you have fallen victim to an algorithm update like Penguin, contact us to review your backlink profile by conducting a link audit.

The benefits of conducting a link audit cannot be over-emphasised. From eliminating potentially harmful links to realizing better ways to back linking, our experts will also help you to recover penalties and mitigate the losses that occur when rankings drop. It will make it easier for you to conduct digital marketing campaigns and is a bigger and better way of moving forward.