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Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Management

Feel your current PPC campaign is not quite hitting the spot?
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If you want a quicker and more easily measurable method to ensure your website appears high in search results for your type of business, then PPC or paid search marketing is the answer. PPC advertising is fully controllable to keep within a budget that suits you and your business.

Whether you are a very small business just starting up, or an established and rapidly growing one, we strive to produce just the right Pay Per Click campaign tailored to work for you. If you would like us to take a look at your current PPC campaign, get in touch with us to arrange an audit.

PPC Strategy

We work closely with you to ensure we gain detailed understanding of your business sector and your competitors. Enabling us to put before you the best possible layout for a campaign.


Using the best techniques available we target the most appropriate keywords to avoid wasting money set aside for your campaign. This includes extensive Keyword Research using Googles Keyword Planner and making use of Search Metrics to investigate what your competitors are already bidding on. We cover the whole picture avoiding the places which are unsuitable for your business type.

Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions are a vital part of any campaign. They improve your ads and enable you to stand out in the crowd, above your competitors, increasing the likeliness of a good return on investment.

PPC Optimisation

Ongoing optimisation of your campaign is esssential to push performance levels and capabilities to extend its boundaries. Detail is the key to success in PPC and the thing that makes the biggest difference to any campaign in the long run.

Adcopy Writing

We strive to ensure that your adverts are hemmed in tightly and fully focussed on the the ad group keywords and landing pages on your website. We continually test to check you are getting the best traffic at the lowest possible cost to you.


We ensure that tracking is set up correctly to provide us with all the data we need to measure return on investment and keep the whole campaign moving forward.


Our reports provide in-depth sound insight into what is happening in your PPC campaign and show what has been achieved since the last report and how your competition has been performing. The reports also show how your paid ads are performing against the metrics you are most interested in.

How can we help you

Get in touch with us today for a chat and to find out the best way to head onwards and upwards through the search results with PPC campaigns.

If you feel your current PPC campaign is not quite hitting the spot, contact us and we will look into it and advise you of the action we would take to improve things if we were managing your campaign. If you've yet to dive into the world of PPC campaigns, then drop us a line and we will be happy to chat with you about the best way to set one up and get things moving along.