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PR Campaigns for SEO & Link Building

Consumer & Research focused Press Releases sent to relevant journalists for growing Organic Links and Media Coverage.

To generate the best SEO results, over all areas of your business we work closely with our content marketing team creating interesting stories that will reach journalists in the all of the right publications and achieve new coverage on a regular basis.

Creating Stories

A big part of PR, especially for links is about coming up with seasonally relevant stories, backed with surveys or freedom of information requested research.

Social Media

To put you at the epicenter of conversations with your target audience, we can create the social media campaigns which focus solely on your brand while making sure you are voicing your wants and needs with the correct level of etiquette. Making sure that all relevant marketing activities bind together to give you the best consistency for your followers to see.

Engaging with influencers

We build strong relationships with the most influential people in your sector, these are the people that your target audience is likely to be following and engaging with by reading there blogs, forums or social pages. We also scope out journalists writing on relevant news sites that will also share this common interest.

We will then also start to engage with these influential people before approaching them with our brands story or message.

Media Relations

We continiously work hard to build good relationships with those Journalists and Bloggers we work with. We also like to make sure we keep up to date with the latest news agenda. We constant monitoring to benefit you, our client to get both the secure coverage and links on the the publications your potential customers are reading.

Occasionally our strategies are reactive Newsjacking as this helps secure some of the best coverage both nationally and internationally.

Measuring & Reporting

We don't start a campaign without clear KPI's from you. Thats because we want to make sure we're delivering the best possible results. Once we have a solid understanding of what the aims of your Digital PR Campaigns are, assets (stories, graphics etc) will be tailored to suit. So whether its more quality backlinks or new followers to your Facebook page, our campaigns will grow your visibility.

Get in touch

Ready to run a Digital PR campaign? Whether your goals are new links from top websites, or increased following via Social Media our campaigns can help raise the visibility of your business. To find out more or get a quote send us a message or give us a call.