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If you're here, you're in the market for SEO services. But how much do you understand about what you're going to be paying for? There are countless firms out there, some making far grander promises and charging far less than our team. Why should you choose us over them? The answer isn't simple, but it boils down to one thing: hiring our team for SEO is a solid investment. Buying bad SEO, built on old tricks? That's a waste of your money. But you shouldn't take our word for it. We've put together a comprehensive explanation of what makes the difference between our service and others--what makes our service work, when others continue to fail in the face of an ever more complicated internet.

Not magic, not talent. Experience.

SEO can look like magic to the uninitiated, or some sort of technical trick. Some agencies will discuss it as if it were an art derived wholly from creativity, but that's not true either. What makes the difference between successful SEO companies and their inadequate peers can be summed up in a single word: experience. An effective SEO firm is built on the breadth and depth of experience possessed by its staff.

Tailoring our approach.

The approach that's appropriate for a brick-and-mortar retail company branching out into internet sales isn't the same as the approach that's appropriate for a freelancer looking to expand his or her client list. Yet one-size-fits-all SEO plagues the field, giving every client who receives such treatment an inferior result. We believe in finding the right approach to SEO for your company, your sales model, your brand.

Natural site quality versus tricks.

Tricks used to work. Emphasis on used to. Today, the gatekeepers at Google, Yahoo, and Bing are savvier than ever, and the engines they've put to work behind those tiny little search bars are truly incredible. This means that a site built to be a good site, built to give people what they want in a format that's easily navigable, will thrive today. It also means that sites which leverage the effective dirty tricks of yesterday are rapidly being left in the dust—and that will only continue as the algorithms behind the search engines grow increasingly sophisticated.

Why good SEO costs more today.

The price of bad SEO stays the same while the price of good SEO goes up—why? Because of the shift away from black-hat and grey-hat SEO techniques. Good, effective SEO used to be very similar in form and function to bad SEO. But today, good SEO can't be easily automated, can't be churned out without any care or consideration. Inferior SEO firms still turn out the same easy, one-size-fits-all dirty tricks they always have. But it's working less and less with each passing year.

Staying on the gatekeepers' good sides.

Still tempted to leverage those 'bad SEO' tools? Keep in mind what happens when Google or another search engine catches on to a particular set of tricks: everyone using those tricks gets punished. Knocked down the rankings at best, removed from the listings entirely at worst. Many online businesses have failed in the face of a so-called Google slap; don't put yourself in that risk category.

Why in-house SEO became impractical.

If your SEO needs to be custom-built and carefully handled, as it must be, in-house SEO begins to look appealing. Unfortunately, it's not a practical option for the vast majority of companies—because the strategies that work today require a full team to implement. Modern SEO relies upon content in different formats, it depends upon social media, it depends upon market research and writing quality— a one-man show, in-house or outsourced, isn't going to manage.

You need a full team of experts, but you don't need them all at the same time on the same task. That makes in-house SEO impractical for nearly any business to consider doing.

Modern link building and healthy link profiles.

Let's look at another aspect of good modern SEO, which largely explains why the old methods have died and your team needs a broader set of skills. In the old days, backlinks were very easy to manufacture; a good SEO team would have entire 'farms' of blogs on various subjects set up, which they could all point at client sites for an immediate result.

Today, Google notices these farms, and punishes these tricks. A modern link profile must look like the link profile that occurs naturally. This means that the route to successful SEO is either an immensely complicated game of charades, or—much more effectively and safely—to generate content people will honestly link to and share. The latter is where the diverse team of experts comes into play; these are the people who figure out who your prospects are and how to appeal to them with content, the people that generate that content and get the ball rolling for natural shares.

Branding with a unique perspective.

If you're savvy to inbound marketing and some of the other concepts that tie into what we've been discussing, you may be worried. Maybe you're in a 'boring' niche, or you feel your business is too general to build that sort of appeal that gets links, gets shares. That's wrong!

Your business has a unique perspective, even if you don't realize it. It takes only the slightest edge to produce something really intriguing; finding that edge, finding that perspective within your business, that's what a good SEO team helps you do. Find the niche hidden in plain sight, and build it into links, shares, fuel to drive you up the search engine rankings.

Pricing matched to the task.

One size doesn't fit all for SEO, and thus one price can't fit all clients. The amount of effort to compete, who on the team needs to be involved, how often details on the site need to be adjusted, how many revisions or updates are necessary to maintain a ranking, all of this varies immensely between different clients. That's why we need to assess the task before we can propose a working budget.

We're also willing to work with you to match your budget, within reason—if we can't help you meet your goals for what you can offer, we won't take your money and pretend otherwise.

Efficiency: Organic SEO versus paid advertising.

One last consideration—with good SEO costing so much today, why not turn around and pump that money into paid advertising? The answer is simple: because the returns aren't worthwhile. You may get more pageviews in the short term, but two problems arise: One, you have to sustain the same high expenditure to maintain those views—not the case with good organic SEO. Two, those views don't turn into paying clients and customers are even a fraction of the rate that inbound traffic from good SEO might.

It's also worth considering what each does for your brand and your long-term authority in the industry; if you only sell to people clicking paid advertisements, you'll never grow. Convince people to visit your site organically, and visit it time and time again, and share the links with their friends, and growth becomes inevitable. It's a simple decision.