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SEO Services in Cornwall

Nationally recognised experts in search engine optimisation, based in Cornwall.

Although we are recognized nationally among the leading experts in the field of search engine optimization, we take particular interest in the needs of sole proprietorships and small businesses in and near Cornwall. This is where many of us were born and raised. Therefore, we have a good insight about the opportunities that local businesses have and the challenges that they face. In addition, we are skilled at using the internet to get the attention of the customers who actually visit your local shop, not just the ones who make online orders. We are not merely SEO specialists; we understand SEO in Cornwall.

Technical Audits

A successful SEO edit needs to start by technically auditing your site. The technical audit helps us to determine the areas of your site that are weak in terms of SEO performance. We then plan the best strategy to improve the performance without having to pay the search engines for monthly privileges.

We will need to know what your strategic objectives are, compare the performance of your site with your competitors’, determine whether you have been using relevant keywords for your site, identify technical issues that affect your site’s performance and carry out complete analyses of your content, links and general user experience.

Keyword Research and Content Refinement

Keyword research is not as a mysterious art as some people make it appear. This, however, does not mean that anyone can do it. We have tricks of the trade that help us to determine the exact keywords that customers are searching for and those that they do not use. Our strategy helps us to determine the keywords that your competitors are not using but are relevant to your target audience. We will then assist you to grab and use them ahead of the competition.

Defining content refinement is trickier. We ensure that the text featured on your site appeals to your targeted customers and use the right SEO keywords to stay relevant to the search engines. The secret of successful SEO is content refinement, and our skill in this area makes us among the top SEO firms in Cornwall.

Link Audits

Did you know that the links and backlinks on your site play a greater role in search engine rankings than on-screen SEO or keywords? Sadly, simple methods of getting high quality links are significantly fewer than the ways of getting dodgy links that do more harm than good to your search engine ranking. Be wary of anything that resembles a “link scheme” because it can easily make your Google ranking drop suddenly without recovering.

We will analyze your complete link structure, identify the culprits and rectify the problem. We will then help you build reputable links that are bound to boost your search engine ranking.

PR for SEO/Link Building

The SEO algorithm that Google uses is complex, and you need finesse and restraint to help you maximize your performance. Using cheap link building strategies and spamming guest posts will only hurt your performance.

We will use good SEO PR to ensure that you get good links. You must understand that the process takes time as you legitimately interact with journalists, bloggers and other personalities with influence. However, this should not worry you because we are here to help you along the way.

ROI Focused Reporting

It is good to know the return on your investment. The methods we use will not only help you to determine what our SEO efforts have cost you but also what you have gained from them. The monthly reports that we compile are comprehensive but easy to understand. You will know what you are getting from your money. The truth is that many SEO firms in Cornwall and different parts do not provide detailed information. However, we do not throw in meaningless numbers in a bid to hide our inefficiency. Ensuring that a client really understands the true situation takes more effort, but we are committed to ensuring your success.

Please get in touch with us. Tell us your problem and objective and we will help you.