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SEO Services in Devon

Nationally recognised experts in search engine optimisation, based in Devon.

Anthony Shapley and team are highly skilled technicians in search engine optimisation. While our services cross national and international boundaries, our focus continues to be on servicing the needs of small local businesses in and near Devon. Being close to the Devon area has allowed us to gain unique insights into the challenges commonly faced by local businesses.

We want to help you connect with your customers in an increasingly complex online marketplace, and to appeal to the types of customers who walk into your store and stumble upon you online. Our ability to take your Devon-based business's SEO to the next level goes unmatched.

On-Page Technical Audit

Any proper SEO project should begin with a complete technical audit of your website. We examine all the essentials, and zone in on on-site elements that are helping (or hampering) your website's performance in the search engines. By understanding what your website lacks, we know exactly how to elevate its SEO performance without having to submit to Google's "pay to play" advertisement model.

To make the technical audit complete, we'll ask you about your goals and objectives, uncover which keywords are helping your performance and which to avoid chasing after. We will also examine your competitors to see how your website stacks up, look for technical issues hurting page speed, performance, and user experience (UX), as well as complete a thorough content and link analysis, all of which impact a site's SEO.

Keyword Analysis and Content Improvement

Keyword research is nowhere near as complex and intimidating as it sounds. In short, a keyword analysis of your brand will tell us what words and phrases your target audience are actively searching for and which ones fall short of the requirements. Our extensive keyword research process even takes your competitor's targeted keywords into account, and arguably just as important, which keywords they ignore.

Content analysis doesn't come with any single, simple definition. Improving and refining your website's content means we'll make sure the text of your website is designed to generate leads and sales, all while reinforcing targeted keywords to increase their meaningfulness (power) in the eyes of search engines like Google. There is no special 'secret' to effective SEO, but if there were, it would lie in the continuous improvement of a website's content and content strategy. A deep understanding of this is what sets our SEO firm apart from our Devon-based competitors.

Complete Link Analysis

Links are arguably one of the most important elements in achieving a higher search engine ranking. However, it's actually easier to acquire backlinks that hurt your site's standing with search engines than it is to pick up quality backlinks that help. Any type of large 'link package' containing hundreds to thousands of backlinks should be avoided. Acquiring just one faulty backlink, even by accident, can cause your website's rankings to plummet.

After analyzing your website's link structure, including internal and external links, we will amend any harmful links pointing to your website, and then shift focus onto acquiring high-quality backlinks that will take your rankings to the next level.

Implementing Positive PR

Getting the most out of your website's SEO requires a strategic, patient approach to building an online identity that eventually translates to brand awareness. This will take you much farther than any spam tactics or cheap tricks.

Well-executed PR tactics can naturally lead to powerful backlinks. But, this isn't a short-term strategy, building a positive brand image requires interacting with journalists, bloggers, and other influential figures in your industry. This might sound exhausting, but we're to help you every step of the way.

ROI-Orientated Reporting

Finally, we will show you exactly what your company has gained by using our SEO services. Our monthly reports contain detailed, relevant, easy to understand information showing you exactly what you've invested your money into, particularly how our efforts have impacted your ROI. Compiling a report and giving it to customers is easy, what's difficult, and what most SEO firms tend to ignore, is explaining to customers how an SEO service actually helped improve their business. We don't just throw meaningless graphs onto numbers, we genuinely want to help build your online business.

Now that you know what we do, let us know how we can help! Give us a call or shoot us an email. Tell us what you're looking to achieve with your online business, and we'll be more than glad to help.