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SEO Services in Exeter

Nationally recognised experts in search engine optimisation, based in Exeter, South Devon.

Anthony Shapley & team are nationally recognised experts in search engine optimisation, but we focus on the needs of small businesses and sole proprietorships in and around Exeter. After all, most of us were born here. We understand both the unique business challenges and opportunities local business faces, and how to use the internet to appeal to the kinds of customers who actually walk into your shop, not just those who order online. We don’t just know SEO, we know SEO in Exeter.

Technical Audits

Any SEO project should start with a technical audit of your site. We determine just where your website is letting you down in terms of your SEO performance, and how we can improve that performance without paying Google for the privilege every month.

We'll ask you about your strategic objectives (nowhere near as intense as it sounds), determine whether your site has been working with the right keywords, compare your site’s performance to those of your competitors, identify any technical problems which might be hurting your performance (and especially how mobile friendly your site really is), perform a full content analysis, a link analysis, and finally a full user experience (UX) analysis.

Keyword Research & Content Refinement

Keyword research isn't nearly the dark and mysterious art that some make it out to be. However, it certainly helps to know the tricks of the trade to get the most out of it. We’ll determine what keywords your customers are actually searching for, and which ones they aren’t. We’ll even determine which ones your competition aren't competing for, and snatch those up for you.

Content refinement can be a little harder to define. We'll make sure that the text of your website sells to your customers while also reinforcing your SEO keywords for search engines like Google. If there is a ‘secret’ to SEO, it lies in content refinement. Our strength here is what makes us one of the best SEO firms in Exeter.

Link Audits

Your links and backlinks are arguably more important to your search engine rankings than your keywords or on-screen SEO. Unfortunately, there are more ways to acquire dodgy links that will actually harm your SE standing than there are easy ways to get high quality links. Anything that could be described as a ‘link scheme’ will probably do you more harm than good, and if your Google ranking suddenly fall rapidly and never recovered, a few bad links might be to blame.

We can analyse your entire link structure, and set anything wrong to rights. Then we can focus on building good links to boost your ranking.

PR For SEO / Link Building

As with any attempt to maximise your performance with something as complicated as Google's SEO algorithm, finesse and restraint will take you farther than spamming guest posts and other 'cheap and dirty' link building.

Good SEO PR will result in good links, but you have to get there the long way – by legitimately interacting with the bloggers, journalists and other influencers that people listen to. Don’t worry, we can help with that as well.

ROI Focused Reporting

Lastly, we can show you what you’ve actually gained form our SEO efforts, and just what they’ve cost you. We’ll compile a detailed and relevant monthly report that is easy to understand, and actually shows you what your money is getting you. This is something that many SEO firms, in Exeter and beyond, skimp on. It is easy to throw meaningless numbers into e report to hide ineffectual SEO work. It is a lot harder to make it easy for a client to really understand what is going on. We make sure to take the higher road.

So, now that you know what it is we really do, why don't you give us a call or an email? Let us know what your trouble is, and what you’d like to achieve with your website. I'm sure we’ll be able to help!