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Keyword Research for SEO Campaigns

All of our recommendations are targeted to individual pages and are accompanied with Search Volumes, Title, Heading and Meta Description ideas.

Turn the clock back 15 years, and keyword optimisation was a single word stuffed 20 or 30 times into a piece of content 400 words long. Not anymore.

Today in 2016, every hour, over 35,000 new websites go live, and Google alone processes over 2 million search engine queries every single minute, 24 hours a day. With that level of activity, it’s little wonder the big search engines are constantly upgrading and improving their search algorithms. So how do we keep your business at the top of the rankings against millions of others?

Ensuring your products, services and brand receive maximum exposure, attracts maximum traffic, and attains maximum conversions, is a combination of different factors. Like a jigsaw if you will, until all the pieces are fitted correctly, your site will be missing out on important traffic. Keywords, and keyword research, are at the very heart of this process.


We don’t believe all businesses and websites are the same. From the day you contact us we want to know the ins and outs of your business. What your aspirations are, all about the products and services you offer, and where your market is. Once we have a good insight into your business, we can begin using the keyword research tools at our disposal to ensure each piece of new content is rich in keywords specific to your particular requirements.

In particular we use:

  • Keyword Planner
  • Analytics
  • Search Console

We don’t just choose short tail keywords which offer the highest search volumes, that’s usually where the high bounce rate comes from, we use seek out all available long tail key phrases, specific to your services. You need traffic that wants your services or goods. While visiting numbers may be lower, so will bounce rates; however conversion rates (money in the till) will improve.

Finding those correct keywords and keyword phrases is where we come in. Using our years of experience in the digital marketing industry, we apply your business criteria to our keyword research, generating spreadsheets of well researched key phrases which should be used to improve on-site, targeting and eventually conversions.

Keyword Research is a standard part of our retained SEO services, we would usually carry out a full set of research and then rank check your site to understand what we can get into good visibility first. I.e. whats close to page 1 already.

Along with today’s increasing use of smartphones come greater numbers of users searching and looking for local businesses and services. Ensure your business is the one to show up. Contact us today, and let us maximise your return on investment with correctly optimised keywords and phrases.