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Google Penalty Cleanup & Reconsideration

We have experience with all types of Search Penalties, we can review your site, explain what's causing it and then carry out the reconsideration process on your behalf.

When you are in the unfortunate position of being slapped with a Manual Penalty from Google's webspam team, it can be difficult to know what to do next. Regardless of penalty type we can provide services and consultancy, to help you get it revoked quickly and efficiently so your business can continue its marketing efforts.

  • Link Warnings
  • Unnatural Links from your site
  • Hacked Site
  • Thin Content
  • Pure Spam
  • User-generated spam
  • Cloaking & Sneaky Redirects
  • Hidden Text &/or Keyword Stuffing
  • Spammy Freehost
  • Spammy Structured Markup

Link Warning (Unnatural Links to your site)

This type of penalty is the most common and can only be cleaned up by manually reviewing every linking domain into your site. Document whether its natural or unnatural, then produce a Disavow File and send removal requests to all the sites with unnatural links. All of this has to be documented clearly throughout and then a reconsideration request can be filed.

Usually takes several attempts to get this right on a bigger site. We can handle the whole process in this case without any external support from yourselves. All we need is Google Webmaster Tools access to begin. We have considerable experience with doing these.

Unnatural Links from your site

Unnatural links from your site - this means links you've taken payment for should be removed, if you havent taken payment for any links, HTML banners or similiar then look at whether your visitors/users can submit UGC (User Generated Content) with embedded links. It could be a user of your site adding links that aren't relevant.

Let us help you identify unnatural links coming out of your website - we'll help you find them, remove them quickly and then submit a reconsideration request on your behalf.

Hacked Site

Hacked Sites, usually contain newly injected links or JavaScript - which weren't previously available. The hacker would usually go to lengths to hide this from the website owners.

We can assist with identifying where your site has been hacked and provide advice on securing your website and also getting a reconsideration request into Google's team.

Thin Content, with little or no added value

Thin Content, with little to no added value is usually targeted at large spam filled affilate sites. The most common type of site to get caught up with this kind of penalty is a Affiliate Site, republishing content offered from feeds, such as product databases.

When creating a website with the aim of ranking it in Google, it is important to consider what makes your site unique, whether your comparing prices or reviewing products - simply republishing information readily available directly on another blog, or retailer site is likely to get you either algorithmically or manually penalised.

Pure Spam

Pure Spam is very unlikely to affect your typical website, this is usually used when a black hat SEO (someone who actively looks to exploit Googles algorithms) gets caught. Most commonly seen when picking up dropped domain names, that have been previously used for spammy activities.

Unfortunately, simply taking a site down is unlikely to be enough to get this revoked. A new, useful site will have to be established on the domain before the penalty will be lifted properly.

User-generated Spam

Used-generated spam only happens when forums, comments boxes or similiar are left unmoderated. Black Hat SEO's and other types of spammers will drop comments with the aim of spamming links back to there own sites.

By not moderating your site, you leave potential visitors open a bad user-experience when they visit. As a consequence you can occasionally get penalised when things get out of control. This is usually easily identified and fixed.

Cloaking and/or Sneaky Redirects

Cloaking and/or Sneaky Redirects is when you show Google one page and either show or redirect actual visitors to another entirely different piece of content.

Equally sites sometimes get caught up with these types of penalties accidently, often when geo-targeting a user to a micro-site targeting a specific country. However there are good and bad methods of implementation that Google can follow. We will analyse and diagnose whats going on with your site and provide your developers with guidance on what they need to do to fix the issue.

Hidden Text and/or Keyword Stuffing

Hidden Text is exactly that, text thats not visible when your page loads. Traditionally 'back in the day' this involved tactics like changing the text colour to match the background.

As Google has got more advanced, so have the spammers more recently its included making use of complex JavaScript which Google cannot parse and occasionally stuffing it into noscript tabs, for when JavaScript is disabled. If you have this penalty, it should be relatively easy to find where the issue is and fix it, however we are available to help.

Spammy Freehost

Very uncommon, but if your writing on a blog (like BlogSpot, or your making use of a free host. Occasionally smaller ones get automatically used to generate hundreds of thousands of spam pages.

In those type of circumstances Google will penalise all sites (good and bad) using the free hosting service. The solution is simply to pay for hosting and not be associated with 'bad neighbours'.

Spammy Structured Markup

Google released Structured Mark Up some years ago - although its still not widely used by the internet community, its use is growing. Example, when you search for 'currys reviews' some results have stars out of 5, this is achieved using structured markup.

Webmasters of course abuse the ability to show star ratings, etc. If your unsure where your structured mark up is spammy - we will look through it and advise. Then once fixed, we can write a reconsideration request that should get your penalty revoked quickly.

What does it cost?

The real cost of not getting a Manual Penalty fixed, is loss of rankings and therefore a loss of sales. SEO Campaigns with us start from £600 Per Month and go right up to £3,000 per month. A proposal is available on request at which point we will quote what we think it will cost to get you into better positions on Google. The bigger the site, or the competitiveness of the sector you work in will influence the price.

We would love to hear from you - even if its just a quick question so please send us a message.