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SEO Services in Plymouth

Nationally recognised experts in search engine optimisation, based in Plymouth, South Devon.

At Anthony Shapley & Partners, we do more than make your online content more appealing to search engine crawlers. Our comprehensive approach to search engine optimization in Plymouth is highly personalized and geared towards producing results likely to matter to you. We base our efforts on a solid understanding of how real people search online and what works best for businesses in Plymouth looking to connect with customers.

Performing Technical Audits

A technical audit is a thorough evaluation of your website. We'll look at everything from keywords you're currently using within your content to your page load times and other factors that often matter to online browsers looking for what you have to offer. We'll perform an overall assessment of what the full user experience (UX) is when a visitor comes to your site. A technical SEO audit also involves:

  • Assessing how mobile-friendly your site is
  • Evaluating the current performance of your website
  • Looking for any technical issues with your site
  • Identifying areas where improvements can be made

Understanding Your SEO Goals and Priorities

We want to know what want to achieve with your site. Do you primarily want conversions? Are you looking to boost brand awareness? Let us know what results you'd like to see with your online efforts and we'll do everything possible to put together an implement an SEO strategy to help you achieve those goals.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the words or phrases somebody types when searching for the products or services you offer online. We'll take a look at your available stats to see what keywords most of your customers are already using and which ones you're not using that you should consider including on your website. We'll also look at how your competitors in Plymouth are targeting the same customers and what words or phrases they're using to get their attention.

Content Refinement

Relevant content is the heart of SEO and something that's really important to Google. While it's important to produce content that's likely to rank well, it's just as important to provide content that's actually useful to somebody coming to your site. We'll help you find the right balance with your content by determining what's likely to resonate with your potential customers in Plymouth and attract the right kind of attention from Google.

Link Audits

Backlinks leading to your site are very important factors when it comes to SEO, problems come with links from questionable sources. During a link audit, we'll fully explore your links to determine what adjustments may need to be made. On an active SEO campaign we will monitor your websites inbound links monthly to protect you against any negative SEO being ran on that site, typically the placement of low quality automated links.

PR for SEO-Worthy links

One of the most effective methods of attracting quality links that we routinely employ for our clients in Plymouth involves reaching out to online influencers. These are people who have a large number of followers who consider the content they provide to be trustworthy. We'll build relationships with some of these influencers with customised PR and outreach efforts on your behalf. Ensuring relevant inbound links are added into your site, which will move the sites rankings.

Clearly Reporting our Results

We want you to see the results of our SEO efforts in terms of your return on investment. You'll receive a monthly report that clearly work done and month on month rankings. The documentation we'll provide will be meaningful to you with information you'll actually want to know rather than a bunch of stats without an explanation of what you're seeing. If you have any questions about any of your reports, you'll have easy access to our team for further clarity.

Get in touch with us for more information. Whether you're just exploring SEO for the first time or frustrated with the results you're getting currently, we're here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services.