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Technical On-Site SEO Audits

Experts in Technical Search Engine Optimisation, based in Devon.

Just some of the SEO things we look at..

  • Use of Headings
  • Use of Schema
  • Site Speed
  • Quality of Content
  • Panda Traps
    • Appropriate use of meta robots tags, on all parts of sites
  • Duplication checks, on other sites - and due to bad site architecture
  • Hreflang & Geo-targeting
  • Hidden Text &/or Keyword Stuffing
  • Analytics & Search Metrics review - to indicate if a site has potentially been affected by any algorithm updates.
  • and much much more to, where applicable.
  • Whether HTTPS vs HTTP is an implementation worth investing in
  • Mobile friendliness

This is not a templated document like some agencies might provide, we pride ourselves on properly and thoroughly examining a website.

Use of Headings & Title Tags

Title Tags and heading tags are quite possibly the most important content on a web page. We look at what keywords your Title and Heading tags are targeting to determine whether they need to be tweaked. We also check for the presence of these tags as some times do not have them setup correctly.

Use of Schema

SEO is always about getting as much possible relevant traffic to your website. One way to achieve this is by making your Organic Listing more interesting and useful to a potential visitor. We evaluate your site and determine whether or not you are using Schema Markup and if not what Schema you could add to make your result more interesting to a potential customer on Google.

Quality of Content

Quality of content can be evaluated in many different ways. Each piece of text on your site should be written to the best possible standard and always be unique.

However beyond that, we like to look at a site from the 1000 mile high perspective and ask ourselves if you have too many pages for the amount of content the site has. Thin / low quality pages on scale often cause algorithmic filters to be triggered that would put your site at a disadvantage VS a leaner more content rich site.

Panda Traps

We look through your site, specificly for anything that might coax the site into Google Panda, its important to steer away from it as quickly as possible, getting caught up can take over 6 months to recover.

Duplication of Content

Duplicate content - both internal and external can negatively impact the performance of a website in Search Engines, we check through content and make any neccersary suggestions where things need improving.


Not a common thing to look at, but on larger sites which might be targeting multiple countries we'll look at how this has been configured, if your internal linking is well setup to pass pagerank into all of the different countries. This also of course includes checking your implementation of hreflang, or folder geo-targeting.


Google announced HTTPS will recieve a ranking boost over that of HTTP, we look at how many of your competitors have made the switch and if you need to, to avoid a competitor performing better than us.

Mobile Friendliness

From April 2015, Mobile Friendliness became a important ranking factor, we will check your site is mobile friend - and even if it is, usability issues will be reported back if they are of concern.

What does it cost?

Site Audits are quoted on a case by case basis, dependent on whether your a local garage or one of the big 6 energy providers - as we work with companies of all shapes and sizes.

We would love to hear from you - even if its just a quick question or a full quote so feel free to send us a message.