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Website Design & Development Services

We build websites that convert into sales. WordPress Specialists. System Integrations, Payment Gateways, Delivery Solutions & more..

Do you run a small specialist bricks and mortar business? Clientele comes from a 10 mile radius. You put a few ads in the local paper and trade magazines, and mention your business on social media, why would you want a dedicated website?

I guess the answer to that depends on how much you want to increase your customer base, get more people through the doors, and increase turnover and brand awareness.

Printed advertising is in decline:

The UK is second in Europe, and fifth largest in the world, for annual spend on advertising. Television advertising was overtaken by internet marketing back in 2010, and today, print advertising accounts for just 13% of all UK advertising revenue. Why? Because internet marketing is what produces the goods.

Exeter based Website Design and Development

Here at Anthony Shapley we specialise in the design and development of bespoke websites. Whether you offer products or services online, or from a retail or business unit, we will design a site specifically for your requirements.

Every step, from the initial background colour, will be discussed with you or your marketing representatives, to ensure you get exactly what you’ve asked for.

In this age of digital marketing, one of the most important aspects of your marketing strategy and brand building, should be a web site. Using your web site as the hub, we will add spokes which reach out to all areas of the internet in relation to your business strategy.

Digital marketing is still very much in its infancy, and consequentially forever in a state of flux. Google for instance, are continuously changing or adding new algorithms to improve people’s search experience, and provide accurate search results for any given query.

At Anthony Shapley we will design, develop, and optimise your site to attract maximum traffic. A couple of years ago outbound marketing was considered the most successful, that is changing. Today inbound marketing is increasingly favoured, attracting traffic rather than driving it.

To this end we will optimise your site for both local and national exposure using high quality content, expert SEO, blog and news pages, contact and comment sections, images, videos, and info-graphics. All designed to give your visitors a better site experience, keep them coming back, and convert traffic to sales.

Social Media still Plays a Part:

While maybe not as important to the search engines as it was a few years ago, social media still has a big part to play in attracting clients to your site. With the analytical tools at our disposal we can track your traffic to source, note which areas have the best traffic to sales conversion ratio, and concentrate efforts on your behalf. Not all social media platforms are effective for all businesses.

We Work Within your Budget:

Here at Anthony Shapley we appreciate all businesses have financial constraints, especially new start-ups. We have a number of plans designed to provide you with maximum exposure for your particular budget.

Whether you want a website built to manage yourself, or our full design, develop, and manage option, give us a call or make an enquiry. Let us put your business where it belongs, at the top of the internet marketing pile.