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Development Update

Written by Anthony Shapley on 2018-07-31 15:39:03

After my last update regarding the re-launch of our second tool the uptime monitor, another update is now long overdue. Our plans for this got redirected by a growing internal need to interface the Sitewide PageSpeed insights tool.

Work on the sitewide pagespeed insights tool has now been completed and is available to use for any subscribers.

At present the publicly available export is just a CSV file containing all of your pages and the applicable scores. However we will be extending this overtime to highlight the most commonly occuring issues on a site. E.g. the delivery of an unoptimised logo in a sites header would be a great way to improve the entire sites performance in one go..

Also despite over 10 years in the industry for the first time we to disavow links in Bing. Can you believe they have to be submitted 1 at a time? A few people appear to have attempted a "Bulk Importer" using the Bing Webmaster Tools API. Keep posted when we get some free time maybe we will add one in.

Progress of tools development continues

Written by Anthony Shapley on 2018-07-13 07:47:13

In the background continued work on our suite of tools continues - porting from CLI to interfaces which we can then share with you.

Expecting the UK Drop List and Uptime Monitoring will both be fully completed by July 22nd. The droplist is now largely done, with just a datepicker remaining for implementation.

Uptime monitor - initial version was also completed but has been rolled back for further improvements.

User roles have been implemented

Written by Anthony Shapley on 2018-07-08 11:43:08

After our last update, things have continued to progress on the site with the implementation of role based middleware. This now means in contradiction to our last update the UK Drop List is only available if you are a subscribed member. The subscription facility like most tools is still under development. Should you want access please drop me a message, some arrangement can be come to.

In other news - the next tool we intend to begin working on will be the Page Speed auditor, where you will insert an XML Sitemap and be provided with a sitewide audit of your sites speed configuration.

Initial Drop List Interface Live

Written by Anthony Shapley on 2018-06-20 05:00:54

Still not quite finished, atleast not highly searchable - but if you register, you can now fully see all the data we have on domains dropping each day. We will be expanding this when time permits.

Eventually access will be chargable, but right now there is no cost associated.

Drop List is up!

Written by Anthony Shapley on 2018-06-09 13:24:54

I have been working a lot to further advance my Laravel skills, our previous UK Drop List solution was heavily dependent on me ensuring the monitoring programmes were running constantly on the server.

The new solution is a combination of a queue builder and 4 workers that are continiously checking the availability of UK domain names, queued by the oldest to be checked first. This data hasn't been updated in over 12 months so it will be sometime before it can be considered accurate.

The next steps are to build a new user interface thats highly searchable and potentially work in some additional prioritisation to check the today and tomorrow frequently throughout each day ensuring the data remains up to date.

We get our wedding video!

Written by Anthony Shapley on 2018-04-21 05:59:45

After getting married in January we got our wedding video back, below is a small clip of what the day was like:

Back to England

Written by Anthony Shapley on 2018-04-10 18:22:24

This week I have travelled back to England for client meetings and catching up with friends and family.

Whilst I have some free time I am continuing my exploration of Laravel, which is this sites chosen PHP Framework.

First update

Written by Anthony Shapley on 2018-04-10 18:20:26

Updates to the site have been slow, with client work continuing to take priority over the sites development.

Over the last week we have made a number of fixes to whats currently in place including the Contact Form actually now works and adding this updates version which will eventually serve as a way to provide updates on the products and tools we intend to provide from this site.